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Digital Radio Communication Tester
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Product  Digital Radio Communication Tester 
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Model CMD65
Features GSM,GSM 1800 and GSM 1900
  • Testing GSM 900/1800/1900 mobiles (acc. to GSM Rec. 11.10)
  • Testing DECT fixed and portable parts (acc. to ETSI Rec. CTR06)
  • Cost-effective solution for production lines
  • Extremely fast IEEE-bus operation for high production throughput
  • Versatile measurements for R&D and TQM
  • High flexibility due to a various choice of parameter settings
  • Full dynamic power ramp measurements according to GSM Recs.
  • Very fast spectrum due to modulation measurements with 5-pole filter
  • Testing of handover from GSM 900 to GSM1800/1900 and back
  • Automated regression and stress testing of DECT DUTs
  • Automatic go/nogo testing of DECT fixed and portable parts

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