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Universal Radio Communication Tester
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Product Universal Radio Communication Tester
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Model: CMU200

      Rohde & Schwarz has announced that its CMU200 universal radio communication tester now supports Enhanced Variable Rate Codec (EVRC-B) functionality, which will soon be incorporated in CDMA2000 wireless networks. EVRC-B gives wireless service providers the ability to dynamically adjust voice capacity on their network according to traffic conditions. The capability is provided free of charge to R&S CMU200 owners as a downloadable firmware upgrade.

     CDMA2000 wireless networks generally use the EVRC speech coder/decoder (codec) today. When introduced more than a decade ago, it dramatically improved speech quality, especially at lower data rates, over the previous codec. EVRC compresses each 20ms of 8kHz sampled speech and outputs full-rate, half-rate, quarter-rate and eighth-rate frames. EVRC-B, developed by QUALCOMM Inc. as Fourth Generation Vocoder (4GV), is the successor to EVRC that will soon be deployed in CDMA2000 networks. EVRC-B utilizes more efficient compression algorithms and allows selection of different operating points within the codec. This gives wireless service providers the ability to vary the operation of the codec to make trade-offs between network capacity and voice quality on a dynamic basis.

      When enabled with the new firmware, the CMU200 can evaluate the performance of mobile phones and smart phones when operating with the EVRC-B codec. The user can adjust the compression rate much as a carrier would while performing various measurements to determine signal quality.

      The R&S CMU200 universal radio communication tester is a comprehensive instrument that performs a wide array of tests that let manufacturers measure the performance of their products in accordance with wireless standards. It also gives users the ability to make general-purpose measurements and create their own test routines. The CMU200 is supported by a full complement of options that make it configurable to meet specific measurement needs. Typical applications include subsystem design, application development, production testing, quality inspection, and base station simulation.

      Release of the new firmware for the CMU200 continues the company's commitment to provide the latest measurement tools to owners of its instruments at little or no additional cost. The firmware upgrade for the CMU200 is available now from Rohde & Schwarz.

  • Bluetooth®
  • AMPS
  • TDMA (IS-136)
  • CDMA2000® 1x RTT
  • CDMA2000® 1xEV-DO


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