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Sunpower Electronic Technology Co., LTD. was established in 2003. It’s headquarter located in Kunshan Huaqiao Commercial District, Jiangsu Province, China, and it has branch offices both in Shanghai and Shenzhen.
The company specializes in second hand electronic test and measurement instruments (particularly testing set used in mobile production line). Our services include sales, rental, leasing, maintenance, consultation of technique, as well as research and development. At present ,we have series of  products in storage, including E5515A.E5515B E5515C of CMU200、8960, vector network analyzer, frequency spectrum analyzer, signal source, etc.
Currently we have over 30 well-educated, dedicated staffs, 20% of them are holding Master degree, and couple of them has been working in this industry for decades which gave them very rich experiences. High education background with rich industry experience enables us offering you all-in-round and standardized service, and the most advanced, reliable, practical products.
We own a mobile calibration lab which can offer on-site service for our customers. we are also authorized as Kunshan branch office by the 301 Metering Station of Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (calibration Laboratory), in charge of calibration and testing work in East China region.From the very beginning of our company’s establishment, the excellent products and services won us good reputation in the industry across China.
Wireless Communications Test Set Digital Radio Communication Tester Universal Radio Communication Tester
Model:E5515C Model:CMD65 Model.:CMU200
Price:Negotiable Price:Negotiable Price:Negotiable
Fast Power Supply Signal Generator Network Analyzer
Model:SP5001 Model:E4425B Model.:8753D
Price:Negotiable Price:Negotiable Price:Negotiable
Product:Microwave Spectrum Analyzer Mobile Communication DC Source
Model:8563EC Model:66311B
Price:Negotiable Price:Negotiable
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